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 Season 4 of FRINGE began
Local Neighborhood Filming Notice
filming on 14 July 2011 in the same studios as Season 2 and 3 - Vancouver Film Studios - and is under the same management, FB2 Films Inc. A break in production over the Winter holidays is planned from 19 December 2011 through 1 January 2012. Primary production is scheduled to conclude on 9 April 2012. Post-production in British Columbia and in Southern California should conclude by the end of April 2012.

 The Fall Season, or the initial third of Season 4, was a completely integrated block of seven related episodes that aired before the Winter holidays in North America. Executive producers have described the first four episodes as one continuous storyline about the aftermath of the Season 3 finale. After that, Fall episodes aired non-consecutively because of network commitments to broadcast Major League Baseball championship games in late October and early November, 2011.


 At the Critics' Choice Television Awards in June 2011, Jeff Pinkner offered this about the upcoming fourth season.

"Without revealing anything, we have some really... we have some things we’re very excited about. We’re bringing back some characters who were among our favorites.":

 In a video interview, Joel Wyman set the tone for viewing in the new season.

"There will be a sort of a shift. You will really understand FRINGE in a different way, and you'll examine things that you didn't know were there to examine.":
Production Notes
- 25 March 2011, The network officially renews the show for a fourth season.
- It is announced that the show will return in the same Friday night timeslot that it ended Season 3. Season 4 begins on September 23rd, 2011, in North America.
- Episode #408 was originally scheduled as the Fall Finale, at the end of November Ratings Sweeps. Major League Baseball, and the network commitment to air the delayed World Series final game, pushed the planned schedule back one week. That adjustment moved episode #408 back to a mid-January airdate and made it the mid-season Winter premiere.
- Episode #414 served as the Winter Finale at the end of February Ratings Sweeps with only a four week airing hiatus until the Spring Premiere on 23 March 2012.
- It was announced in early March 2012 that the Season 4 finale would be a two-part affair. The season-ending episode is scheduled for 11 May 2012.
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Episodes – (Transcripts)
401 Neither Here Nor There – (t)
402 One Night In October – (t)
403 Alone In The World – (t)
404 Subject 9 – (t)
405 Novation – (t)
406 And Those We've Left Behind – (t)
407 Wallflower – (t)
408 Back To Where You've Never Been – (t)
409 Enemy Of My Enemy – (t)
410 Forced Perspective – (t)
411 Making Angels – (t)
412 Welcome To Westfield – (t)
413 A Better Human Being – (t)
414 The End Of All Things – (t)
415 A Short Story About Love – (t)
416 Nothing As It Seems – (t)
417 Everything In Its Right Place – (t)
418 The Consultant – (t)
419 Letters Of Transit – (t)
420 Worlds Apart – (t)
421 Brave New World, Part 1 – (t)
422 Brave New World, Part 2 – (t)


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