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Profession:  Registered Nurse Portrayed by:
Nancy Sivak
Connections:  Eugene Bryant,
Doctor Blake West
Seen In:  Wallflower
Status:  Continues her medical career Parkview Hospital
Remarks:  Seems pained with the memory of a translucent infant that organically immolates when contacted by light

Nurse Jaffee worked at Parkview Hospital in Mount Vernon when Eugene Bryant was born decades ago


  • She is visited by Agent Dunham and Agent Lee at the hospital as they search for DNA testing associated with an odd murder they are investigating.
  • During her interview, she shares that she signed the death certificate of Eugene Bryant shortly after his birth. The certificate cited complications from genetic abnormalities as the cause of death, following the live birth, on 30 July, 1989. Doctor Blake West, who isn't at Parkview anymore, was the attending during the birth and declared the infant dead after it had been removed to a special ward with no windows or lights.
  • Jaffee claims relief that the infant hadn't suffering for long. She does vaguely recall that she thought she heard a barely perceptible cry, but maybe she had just imagined it. The alleged autopsy, as far as she was told, was going to be handled by Cyprox, Incorporated. Unknown to her, but intriguing to Olivia, Cyprox was part of Kelvin Genetics, which grew to be Massive Dynamic


" I was in the delivery room when he was born. He was so... pale. When Doctor West held him up, the lights in the O.R. burned his skin. We had to put him in a special ward with no windows and no lights." - (to Dunham and Agent Lee, describing the horror that was infant Eugene Bryant)

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