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Raw captioning for The Abducted

Through suffering comes redemption. Through sorrow comes exaltation. Through pitch dark comes a cleansing fire. Through the fire, we shall find a spring of new life. - [rapid breathing] Mommy? Max? There's a monster in my closet. No monsters here. None there either. Looks like your room Is officially monster-free tonight, kiddo. Now, you remember what big boys do To get rid of monsters in their room? Well, you close your eyes, And you count to three. And when we open them? The monster's gone. Mm-hmm. You get some rest, sweetie. I love you. [gasps] one, two, three. (man on radio) polls show that most americans Oppose the proposed law to limit the number of children To two per family... [door opens, closes] However, leading politicians From two of the three major parties favor the law... Hey. You. W-what are you doing here? Can I buy you breakfast? Thank you. Thanks. I need to get into the d.O.D. Facility on liberty island, And I need your help. I can steal a boat, but I can't leave it docked on the island, Otherwise the security patrol would find it, And I need some time inside the building alone. I just need you to get me across the water. Across the patrolled water. You're with fringe division. Don't you have super-secret clearance or something? Why you breaking into a government building? Because I have to go home. Oh, so home is on liberty island now. It doesn't matter where I'm from. What matters-- What matters is that I'm in trouble, And I think that my time is running out here, And right now you are the only person That I'm willing to trust. I need your help, henry. Please, will you help me? So if all you're asking for is a ride... You ain't got to steal a boat. My cousin has one. Just give me a day or so. Thank you. Yeah. [cell phone chimes] Okay, there's my number. I gotta go. Hey. Those people you're running away from, They still after you? Not if they keep believing that I'm somebody else, no. Thanks. (charlie) we'll let you know if fringe division Officially assumes the case. Thanks. Appreciate it. So what do we have? Kid was abducted from his bedroom last night. Okay, we're good down here. Molecular cohesion intact. Atmosphere readings are solid. Now, these kidnappings are tragic, But 99% of them have nothing to do with fringe division. Yeah, tell that to the secretary. Peter bishop act of '91 says every kidnapping Gets treated like a possible fringe event. All I'm saying is that these cops Don't need us to work their cases, okay? Waste of manpower. [woman sobbing] It's not a waste. I'll get a statement. Let's check upstairs. Detective? Would you mind walking us through the scene? Sure. Uh, victim is max clayton, Eight years old. Mom came to check on him in the morning, And he was gone. We, uh--we found a couple of partial prints On the windowsill and in the closet, But we're still collecting evidence. We believe the suspect snatched the kid, And he, uh, fled out the window. Well, it's a long way down, Especially if you're carrying a 50-pound kid. Okay, so the suspect is probably male, strong, Uh, say 20 to 35. Hey, can I see that for a second? There's some kind of residue on these fingerprints. [device beeping] Sucrose. Sugar? What, was he eating cookies or something? Uh-uh. He secretes it through his sweat. It's the candy man. He's back.

[door opens] Mr. Secretary. I just heard. Fringe division was created To investigate tragedies of unimaginable scale. You and I both know that there's no crime more heinous Than the theft of a child. I'll do everything I can to find him, sir. I don't doubt your resolve, phillip. Actually, that's why I'm here. There's no shame in letting it fall to another desk If it's too personal. It's been four years since the candy man took my son. Four years... Since I heard him laugh Or watched him play outside with his sister. He had my son for two days. When I got him back, he wasn't a little boy anymore. If there's anyone you want on this case... It's me. Very well. My only concern is that I don't have All of my agents to help me. How long until this is over, sir, Until our olivia comes home? You'll be happy to know we made a breakthrough. We found something in her brain chemistry, Something unique. If it's what enables her to cross between worlds, You'll have your team back very soon. I know what it's like to lose a son. And even when they come back, the damage is irreparable. If you need someone to talk to, phillip, let me know. We need a lead, folks. Something to go on. It's been 18 hours since the clayton boy went missing. That gives us Until tomorrow night to find him. The candy man's last kidnapping was two years ago, Before you joined fringe division. I remember when this happened, reading about it, But they never said what he did to these kids. It's like they've had the life drained out of them. Acute deterioration of organ tissue, Depleted immune systems. Some of the kids even came back with cancer. Those incisions-- why there? Posterior cerebral cortex. From that point on the body, you can access the spine. Okay, astrid, what do we know about these cases? The abductions themselves appear to be random, Occurring every two years. The victims are always children Ages seven through nine. They are taken, then released 48 hours later With massive internal degradation. The victims describe the suspect As male, age unknown. In the majority of cases, other than a shaved head, There's no physical description given, Because he wore a mask. What do you mean "in the majority of cases"? Two of the victims reported being held captive By two suspects, one young and one old. Then why haven't we expanded the profile To look for two suspects? Liv, these kids were really scared. There's a lot of inconsistencies in their statements. Well, that doesn't mean that they're not true. Can you please pull up the victim's bios? Okay, amanda holt and christopher... Broyles. We should speak to christopher again. That's not a good idea, liv. You weren't here when it happened. Broyles is protective. Well, we should at least ask. Liv... Don't even think about it. I would like to reinterview your son. Excuse me? Christopher reported that he was held by two men-- An older man and a younger man. Now, if that's true, He may remember other things about this guy That could help our investigation. Agent dunham... My son went through something No child should ever have to go through. And when he came home, I had to ask him questions about it, Going over the details again and again, Forcing him to relive it, When all he wanted to do was forget. And for what? I didn't solve the case. And I didn't help my little boy sleep at night. I'm sure that you did your best, But if I spoke to him, Maybe I could get more out of him. I'm his father. Perhaps that's the problem. Maybe there are some things that you don't want to hear. Now, there's something I want you to hear. My son's condition since he was taken Has deteriorated so rapidly That he'll be lucky if he makes it to his 18th birthday. Now, what little childhood christopher has left, I intend to protect it. I get that. But christopher's childhood Is not the only one at stake right now. You're dismissed. [lock turns, door creaking] [door closes] I don't feel good. I want to go home. Through suffering comes redemption. Through sorrow comes exaltation. Through the pitch dark comes the cleansing fire, And through the fire, we shall find the spring of new life.

Hey. Hey. There's been a police officer parked out front all afternoon. So it's true? The candy man's back? Yeah. Ahem. Do you think he'll try to come back here? No. It's just for my peace of mind. How's christopher? He's scared. The story about the missing boy's Been all over the news today. Did you eat? Not since breakfast. Has there been any progress in the case? No. One of my agents wanted to reinterview chris-- Olivia dunham. She thinks there may be some detail he's forgotten. I told her it was a waste of time. I've always liked olivia. [bottle opens] she seems very smart. I'm gonna go put him to bed. He's a strong boy, phillip... Strong enough to talk about it... Even if you're not. [overlapping voices in background] Thought you might be hungry too. Red vines? They're new. Charlie tried them. He said they're great. Thanks. So after the victims were abducted, The kids came back with massive cell degeneration And internal-organ atrophy. All those conditions Are symptomatic of old age too, right? I suppose so. Why? Well, aging has to do with the pituitary gland, right? Which can be accessed through the back of the neck. Did you suddenly become a scientist When I was in the hospital? You trying to take my job? It was an old case that I worked Before I joined fringe division. This guy was draining hormones From pituitary glands. Anyway, my point is that some of the victims Mentioned there were two suspects, One old and one young, But they all said that they never saw The suspects at the same time. Okay. Well, what if there weren't two people? What if there was only one person Who was literally changing from old to young? What if the candy man is stealing youth? Okay. In theory, concentrated pituitary hormones Could be processed in some way To accelerate healing, Maybe even reverse aging, But if that's true, It would also cause some serious side effects. Like what? Anemia, tremors, hypoglycemia. High blood sugar? High enough that he could secrete sugar in his sweat? [device beeps] This is dunham. Okay, I'll be there. Thank you. What was that about? It's nice to see you again, olivia. Chris is looking forward to meeting you. Here we are. (broyles) chris, agent dunham's here. Oh, uh, actually, "olivia" is fine. It's, uh--it's nice to meet you, chris. Hi. Hi. Did you really save that school bus of kids From a class-three vortex last year? Is it true? Well, I was just doing my job. [chuckles] that's so cool. So... My mom says you want to talk about the man who took me. Yeah. Would that be okay? [sighs] sure. (olivia) maybe we could talk somewhere else. Like, where is your favorite place to go? [device beeps] broyles. (walternate) the candy man has had the boy for 36 hours. 12 hours left. How are we doing? Nothing yet, But we're working every lead we have. You'll be happy to hear That you'll have your team back together soon. Our olivia's mission on the other side Is almost complete. We'll be able to bring her home. And what about this olivia? Going to pull her out of the field tomorrow morning. I don't believe we'll be needing her anymore. Call me if you find anything. [device beeps] My dad says I need to forget about what happened. Yeah? But it's hard to forget, isn't it? You know, I can imagine What it must have been like for you... How scared you must have been, How much you-- you would have wanted To get back to your family and to your friends. I-I have nightmares about it sometimes. Really? Could you tell me about them? I always remember the smell first. It's musty, like our attic. He comes to the room wearing a mask To check on that thing stuck in my neck. It feels like... It's stealing my energy. I'm so tired. I feel sick. Chris, you said that there were two men... One old and one young, right? Did they ever talk to you? No. Nothing I remember. Chris... What is it? You can tell me. I know the candy man's back. Yeah, he is. [voice breaking] he said if I told anyone about him, He--he'd come back. He said this time... He'd--he'd hurt my mom and dad. That is not going to happen. I promise. Christopher, there is another little boy Just like you. He's been taken. And he wants to go home and see his family too. You can help him. I remember their voices. Um, they both said the same thing. I think it was a prayer. Can you remember the words? Some of the words. "through the pitch dark... Comes a cleansing fire." Okay. What if something bad happens? So what happens if someone gets my credit or debit card And buys a ton of stuff? That would be... Really, really bad. [ male announcer ] with bank of america's zero liability guarantee, You're not responsible For any fraudulent charges on your card. Guaranteed. Bank of america says they'll credit Any fraudulent charges Back to my account as soon as the next day. The next day! That makes me feel better about using these cards. They've got my back. They've got my back. [ male announcer ] the opportunity to worry less about fraud With the zero liability guarantee from bank of america. We knew the perfect place to go. I guess I did okay. I knew they'd love him. Try our new sacchetti dishes. Pasta pouches stuffed With four italian cheeses. Served with marinated chicken breasts Or sauteed shrimp. At olive garden. (charlie) "through the pitch dark comes a cleansing fire." The words "pitch" and "dark" Are common to several sacramental prayers From the early 20th century. Uh, the words appear in the liturgy Of over a dozen churches in new york city. A dozen that we know of. Every time there's another fringe event, A new church pops up. You know, I thought it was bad enough Someone's kidnapping kids. Now we find out he's kidnapping kids for god? Hi, honey. Mom, I collected some shells for you. They smell like the ocean. Thank you. Oh, looks like you brought half the beach back with you too. No, leave the sand. I like it. [device beeps] I'll be right in. Broyles. He was very, very helpful. Thank you. Thank you. Come on. I want to wash the shells off. Okay. Bye, christopher. Bye. [device beeps] dunham. (henry) the boat's called sally. The red hook marina in brooklyn--"b" dock. Be there tonight at 10:00, And I'll get you where you want to go. Okay, I'll be there. [device beeps] (broyles) dunham. Charlie got a hit on the prayer. They traced it to the astoria church in queens. "through the pitch dark comes the cleansing fire." Yeah. "and through the fire, You shall find the spring of new life." It's beautiful, isn't it? What does it mean? I wasn't always a man of the cloth. You know, I used to be a physician. And then the avian influenza epidemic came. My wife became ill. And despite all my training, there was... There was nothing I could do to save her. Without her... I was nothing. I was lost. But then god came and lifted me up, And--and he showed me That what people need in these troubled times Is--is something to believe in. Faith-- That's what'll heal this wounded world. The prayer was spoken by the suspect In a kidnapping that we're investigating. We believe the suspect is a member of your church. It will help our investigation If you would give us the names and addresses Of all the men in your congregation. Giving out information on parishioners Is--is breaking the confessional seal. Reverend marcus, I understand. I too am a man of faith. But right now there's a child missing, And we need your help. We have a former victim Who can identify the kidnappers' voices. And you believe that this person is reliable? He's my son. Oh, I'm sorry. I can get you the roster from our men's group, If that'll help. Thank you. There are over 40 names on this list. We'll have to split up. Call lincoln and charlie. No, nothing yet... Although this church is full of true believers. One guy actually told me That the reverend cured his kidney disease. So what about charlie and lincoln? No luck yet. They've interviewed seven men on the list, And none of them fit the profile. Okay, I'm here. I'll, uh-- I'll call you in a bit. [phone beeps] Wyatt toomy? Agent dunham. I'm with fringe division. I need to ask you a couple questions In regard to an investigation. Can I come in? Sure. Yeah. Saw him on the news. It's real sad. You really think someone from the church May have taken him? Possibly. Yeah. [pan sizzles] excuse me for a moment. So did you meet reverend marcus? Yes. He is a miracle worker. Great man. Touched by god. Do you live here alone, mr. Toomy? Yep. Just me. Don't move! Ugh! This is agent dunham. I'm at 1068 kent street, apartment 5. The suspect's been sighted. I need backup now, please. [dog barks] Max. Hi. Uh, I'm with the fbi. Are you okay? Okay. Oh. [man kicks door] Hey, you okay? You sure? All right.

The paramedics took max to the hospital. His mother's gonna meet him there. The super said that wyatt toomy Had been living here for almost nine years. Kept to himself, always paid his rent a week in advance. (charlie) hey. You guys should take a look at this. Have you figured out what he was doing? We won't know exactly until we get this back to the lab, But my guess is olivia was right. About what? Seems he was making some kind of age-regression serum. He was extracting hormones from the kids And giving them to himself. (olivia) so your son was right. There was a young and an old suspect. It's just they were the same man. This guy worked in sanitation. How'd he figure out how to do all this? All right, let's bag and tag it. I won't forget what you did here. Hey. When you're done here, You want to join me and charlie for a beer? We get a lot of bad days. We got to celebrate the good ones. No, thanks. I'm going home. Hey. You're 19 minutes late. I had one more minute, and I was out of here. Wow, you really think this thing Is gonna take us across the harbor? Don't worry about the boat. Worry about the patrols around that island. Hey, henry, I know I'm asking a lot of you. If you want to back out... Come on. Let's just get it over with, okay? You want me to cast us off? What? Do you want me to untie the boat from the dock? Oh, yeah, yeah. Do that. Yeah. Henry, you have done this before, right? Want to know the truth? Yeah. Water scares the hell out of me. Look, don't worry. My cousin ran me through Everything I need to know. We'll be fine. Just do that-- that casting thing. What's wrong? Someone had to teach you how to do it. Yeah, so what? I told you I'm not a boater. (broyles) hey, hon. When you hear this, give me a call. I shouldn't be here too much longer. [device beeps] [beeps] Hey, I just left you a message. Hey. Uh, I think we were wrong. Wyatt toomy was not a scientist. He needed someone to show him how to make the serum. Who? Reverend marcus. He said that he was a doctor. I think that's how he's been healing his congregation. He's been dosing them. Wyatt was working for him. Dear god. Well, christopher was right all along. There really were two suspects. I told reverend marcus chris could I.D. The voices he heard, And now my wife isn't picking up the phone. Okay, I'll meet you at your house. Henry, I gotta go do something. Can you promise me that you will wait for me? Please? Where the hell are you going? [woman screams] [muffled screaming] You want to play hide-and-seek, young man? I'll find you. God wants me to find you. I'm simply carrying out his plan. Take comfort, christopher. You gave so much of yourself To help heal others. We all have to make sacrifices For the common good. No! No! No! No! No! No! (broyles) hey! Let go of me! [gunshot] Chris! Dad. You're safe, son. You're okay now. [ waves crashing ]

[beeps] (henry) where are you? It's been an hour. What's the deal with you? (olivia) I'm leaving now. Just give me 15 minutes. Make it fast. I'm starting to get seasick. Agent dunham? I thought that was you. Mrs. Clayton, how is max doing? Doctors think you got there just in time. Now, he hasn't been able to stop talking about you. It'd really mean a lot if you could say hi. Hey, max, someone's here to see you. Hi. Hi. How are you feeling? Much better now. That's good. You're a real brave kid, you know that? Well, not as brave as you. Can I ask you a question? Sure. What's fbi? Fbi? Where'd you hear that? Well, you said it when you saved me. Remember? You said you were fbi. Oh. Fbi's just another word for police. Well, then when I grow up, I want to be fbi too. [chuckles] that'd be nice. Now, you should get some rest, because it's late. Okay. [broyles clears throat] Bye. Bye. How's your wife and son? They're gonna be fine. In fact, the doctors are gonna take a look At the serum wyatt toomy was synthesizing. It may have some healing potential For christopher and the other victims. Well, that's great. Maybe some good could come out of all this. Dunham... The fbi ceased to exist over a decade ago... At least on this side it did. You know who you are, don't you? What happens now? [sighs] Now... I'm going home. Henry, don't worry. Just stick to the same bearings on your way out, And you won't run into any of their patrols. What makes you so sure? 'cause I memorized the routes when I escaped from there. How you plan on getting up there? (olivia) I'll manage. Thank you... For everything. Hey, I just borrowed a boat. No. You believed in me. You got me all the way the hell out here. You might as well tell me-- where is it you're from? I'm from a parallel universe. (man on radio) copy that. [lock beeps] [device beeps] yes. Sir, there's been a security breach. Someone's accessed the lab on liberty island. [machine whirs] Ma'am, what are you-- We're--we're closed. [chuckles] I'm sorry. I was just, uh... Would you be able to let me out? No, no. Please, this can't be happening. Don't hurt me. I'm not gonna hurt you. I need you to listen very carefully. What I'm gonna say is gonna sound insane, But I need you to do something for me. No! No! No! [gasping] Please. Please, I don't belong here! Sedate her. Oh, god! Please let me go! Who are you, really, and what were you before? What did you do, and what did you think, huh? We said, "no questions." (peter) you know, I can turn it off if you want to go to sleep. I'm just resting my eyes. Right. Otherwise known as sleeping. Oh, don't you want to see how it ends? I've seen this movie about 100 times. Oh. You're honestly telling me you've never seen casablanca? I've heard of it. It's, uh-- It's ronald reagan, right? [laughs] no. It's humphrey bogart. Oh. I was kidding. Okay, so let me guess. They, uh--they end up running away together, And--and they live happily ever after? Actually, no. She leaves him at the airport, And they never see each other again. Oh. I thought you said it was a love story. Well, aren't all the best love stories tragedies? Only in the movies. [chuckles] Come on. Let's go to sleep. Good night. Good night. [cell phone vibrating] (peter) oh, you got to be kidding me. [vibrating continues] Hello? Walter, is that you? I can hear you breathing. (woman) is this peter bishop? Yes. I'm calling from new york. I know this is gonna sound crazy, But I just saw a woman disappear in front of my eyes. Who is this? Her name was olivia. She has a message for you. She's trapped in the other universe. [phone clicks]


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