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Profession:  None Portrayed by:
Spencer List
Connections:  The Artist
Seen In:  Inner Child

The Child is an empath found living alone in an underground tunnel.


In Inner Child, The Child was found living alone in an underground cavern, seconds before the building above was scheduled to be demolished. The tunnel in which the boy was found had been sealed shut for at least 70 years. Walter guesses that the boy ate rats, moss and insects, all high in protein, to survive.

The boy was brought to a hospital under the care of Doctor Winick. He was found to have problem breathing as he was used to live in an oxygen deprived environment. Although the child did not speak a word after leaving the tunnel, he was able to establish some kind of emotional connection with Olivia, where he could sense and feel what she was doing. He would write information on a pad corresponding to places or people linked to The Artist, a serial killer that Olivia was trying to catch.

Upon examination of the child, Walter was able to determine that he was likely raised or even born in the tunnel where he was found. Walter posited that the child was possibly much older then he looked. Using the neural stimulator and a language-translation apparatus, Walter was able to generate language-like sounds based on the boy's thoughts but could not decipher what he was saying.

Eliot Michaels, from the CIA Directorate of Science & Technology, was very interested in the child and wanted to move him to another facility. Talking on his cell phone about the child, Michaels said "I think we may have found another one". To prevent the child from becoming a subject of experimentation, Olivia, with the help of Dr. Winink, got the child transferred to a home where someone could take care of him. On the way to that home, the car in which the child was travelling drove by the Observer and both stared at each other for a moment.

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  • Is The Child the same kind of being as The Observer?
  • Is the Child's emotional bond to Olivia like the bond the Observer shares with Walter, or August shares with Christine?


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