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"The Pattern" is a general reference to a widespread sequence of unexplained events happening around the world.


  • The Pattern is under investigation by a joint task force of the U.S. Federal Government. Department of Homeland Security Senior Agent Phillip Broyles heads the combined investigative resources and actively directs assigned members. An executive Oversight Committee of politicians and corporate leadership, quietly monitors and funds the secretive task force. Agent Olivia Dunham and Dr. Walter Bishop are recruited to replace an ineffective science team whose mission it was to investigate the recurring events and abnormal occurrences.
  • Peter Bishop is coerced to join the science team, as a controlling factor to his erratic father. Junior FBI Agent Astrid Farnsworth was added to the science team to support their day-to-day logistical requirements, scientific and law enforcement research, and to provide unique insight on matters to, her like codes and cryptology. FBI Agent Charlie Francis, though not a named member of the science team or joint task force, is on the short-list to provide immediate tactical and investigative support to the science team and the task force. Francis was also authorized to temporarily command the task force in Broyles absence.
  • Executive Officer Nina Sharp of Massive Dynamic, is a member of the Oversight Committee, and has intimate knowledge of many of the events related to The Pattern. According to Broyles, 37 incidents had been reported and classified as part of The Pattern when Olivia joined the task force.
Note: Broyles describes The Pattern - "as if someone out there is experimenting, only the whole world is a lab". (Pilot)

Initial Incidents

  1. Flight 627: From Hamburg to Boston was the target of an airborne contagion which infected all the passengers and crew on board within a matter of seconds. The contagion caused the infected individuals' skin to degenerate and rapidly dissolve, leaving their bone and muscle behind. This happened so fast that some passengers barely had time to react to the situation; photographs from the scene show corpses still wearing safety belts and in-flight headphones. The pilot engaged the auto-pilot system before becoming affected by the contagion so the plane was able to safely land.
  2. Agent Scott: While investigating a lead in the U-Case storage facility in Back Bay, John Scott discovers Richard Steig exiting one of the garages, and gives chase. He is ambushed by a series of explosions set off by Steig and is showered with chemicals that turn his skin translucent.
  3. Disappearing Children: During his initial discussion with Olivia, Broyles mentions an incident in which an otherwise normal child named John Thompson disappeared in 1998 and was discovered only a month previous to their discussion (presumably in 2008), with no visible signs of having aged since 1998. According to Broyles, nearly fifty other children also disappeared and reappeared under the same mysterious circumstances.
  4. Sri Lanka Tsunami: More recently, an unidentified plane was spotted by a fisherman off the coast of Sri Lanka, flying low and emitting a high-pitched frequency which caused any glass windows in the surrounding area to shatter. Following this an hour later, a sub-surface earthquake measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale hit the area and caused a tsunami, decimating the costal towns and resulting in the deaths of approximately 83,000 people. (Pilot)
  5. Coma Patient Co-ordinates: At a hospital in the USA a female patient woke up after years in a coma and began writing down a series of numbers which, when cross-checked in military databases, are discovered to be real-time co-ordinates of carrier battle groups on maneuvers in the Pacific. These co-ordinates would be considered information classified above top-secret. It is unknown how she was able to produce these numbers or if she knew what they were.

Since Broyles Told Olivia About The Pattern

  1. At a Boston suburb medical facility, a maternity patient arrives needing help with a difficult delivery. She has conceived only within the past few minutes and is already to give birth. The infant survives the emergency caesarian, but the mother does not. The infant lives only a few hours before dying of complications from old age.
  2. In a crowded Boston commuter bus, a silicon-based aerosol solidifies when it comes in contact with the nitrogen in the atmosphere. All passengers trapped aboard suffocate in the suspension. A nearby escrow agent has horrific visions of the deaths and fears he may himself be involved.
  3. At a busy Brooklyn construction site, people die as the ground shakes from a gas utility pipe rupturing and the constrution crane falling. An unrecognized metal cylinder that dug its' way to the surface is responsible.
  4. A massive power surge strikes a high-rise business office in Worcester, Massachusetts, and an elevator plummets twenty-six floors to the basement, killing eight passengers. The casualities were not caused by the impact with the ground, as expected, but by electrocution.
  5. In Milford, Massachusetts, the entire late night crowd at a quaint eatery is dead from high levels of radiation. A handcuffed young woman that has been missing for two weeks is suspect... she is also missing her head.
  6. In Boston, a Federal Agent, recently returned from overseas, is taken ill and hospitalized with life-threatening heart symptons. Like nothing ever encountered before, giant parasites are attached to the man's heart.
  7. In Middletown, Connecticut, a boy goes missing from his father's vehicle when the man stops to help a stranded motorist. The father claims that while he was looking at the woman's car - time jumped - and his son, the woman, and her car were suddenly gone.
  8. At Bell Plaza in New York City, a young executive throws himself through a high-rise window to his death. His injuries are numerous, but the delicate cuts on his skin beneath his clothing are inconsistent with his fall.
  9. At a bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a robber is dead with a bullet in his head. Not unusual by itself, but the man is physically embedded in the solid metal and cement wall of the vault.
  10. At Boston College, an immunologist with CDC connections dies when a gargantuan specimen of Nasopharyngitis (common viral cold cell) causes him to suffocate in front of the class he is teaching.
  11. The parents of a teenage male in Springfield, Massachusetts leave for an evening out. When they return, the young man who had been on his computer and phone is dead -- his brain is liquid mush.
  12. A trans-Atlantic flight crashes just North of New York City after an odd distress call from the crew. Remains found in the wreckage reveal a large animal that no one is able to recognize.
  13. In a high-security prison in South Central Germany, a lawyer lays dead with a broken neck. His imprisoned client has vanished into thin air, leaving a large scorch mark on walls of the sealed room.
  14. A newsstand operator in Boston dies suddenly when his mouth, nose and eyes seal shut almost instantaneously - overgrown with fresh, newly-generated skin.
  15. An empathic albino boy is found in the catacombs below a building about to be destroyed. Apart from his silent communication aptitude, the tunnels he was rescued from have been sealed for seventy years.
  16. Near Swift Research, a group of animal rights' anarchists die a brutal death at the hands of a creature that seems to have the genetic qualities of very different predators.
  17. Innocent people are deliberately murdered as the assassin mentally projects the upsetting images hundreds of miles away, to lure law enforcement to him.
  18. Male patrons of the Boston area nightclub scene are found dead - disfigured, drained of spinal fluid, and covered with a strain of syphilis thought-to-be extinct for decades.
  19. A young woman in New York City becomes emotionally and physically exasperated while riding a bus. She flees the vehicle then spontaneously self-combusts, exploding in a ball of fire and injuring those around her.
  20. Two-dimensional portals are opening and closing suddenly - claiming innocent lives in the process. A vehicle and it's driver appear out of nowhere on a crowded New York street just as a portal collapses. A soccer player in Providence, Rhode Island is quartered when the portal he encounters closes and he loses his head and arm.
  21. A group of men suspected of some level of involvement in Pattern-related events surfaces, drawing the attention of law enforcement. New research indicates that these men may have been associated with the pattern for many centuries.

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  • Why did the frequency of Pattern-related events increase from 2007 to 2008?
  • Who, specifically, is behind the Pattern events, if anyone?
  • If someone is deliberately initiating the Pattern events, why?

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