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Profession:  Unknown Portrayed by:
Trieste Dunn
Family:  Nicholas Boone - husband
Seen In:  Midnight
Status:  Alive
Remarks:  Take into custody for medical rehabilitation


  • Valerie Boone is the wife of Doctor Nicholas Boone.
  • She was injected with a Syphilis-based contagion by ZFT as punishment to her husband. She becomes somewhat of a monster after being given the contagion, hungering for cerebrospinal fluid. Valerie's husband kept her satisfied with his own cerebrospinal fluid alone for a short amount of time before he became confined to a wheelchair because of it.
  • She was release upon the public and began fulfilling her need for spinal fluid by luring, then murdering innocent men.
  • Olivia and the team eventually find and cure Valerie, but only at the expense of her husband's life.


"You're my kind of guy. I'm sorry." - (to her latest victim. aware of his fate, but unable to overcome her craving)

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